Principles of cooperation:

• Understanding of your business needs.

• Mutual fulfillment of assumed obligations .

• Professional communication process.

Support of partners

• Advertising support (stands, samples, catalogs, booklets).

• Help with calculations

• Best price and biggest profit for clients

• The possibility of concluding an exclusive dealership contract

• Control of the price policy in wholesale and retail

• Fast service

• Quality goods

•Operative solution of service cases

Receiving the samples

Receiving samples before signing the contract allow you:

• To see the assembling level of the product.

• Type and quality of used materials.

• To evaluate the appearance of the package, composition and quality of the seals.

• And the main thing – to turn on the devices and evaluate them in operation.

• To find faster potential customers and conduct product presentations in the most informative way.

It`s necessary in order to get samples promptly:

1. To Pay the amount for the card equal to the samples cost you ordered and transportation costs.

2. Send the notification from the bank about the successful transfer.

3. Choose an option for obtaining samples:

• International express carrier TNT, DHL, FedEx, TMM Express. Delivery time – according to the data from the carrier – from 3 to 5 working days without taking into account the time for cargo pick-up and customs clearance.

• Customer pickup.

• If requested by the customer, samples can be delivered through travel agencies. The ordered panels are provided to the customer in this case in the agreed location.Once you are convinced with the high product quality – you can sign a contract and start the business.The contract offered for signing is a standard FEA-contract, prepared on the basis of International trade rules .

We draw Your attention to the fact that our products are cleared in EU countries at “”0″” import tax.The products have all necessary technical characteristics for the sale of such kind of goods in EU, certificates of compliance in accordance with the basic requirements of EU directives and harmonized standards of European Union were received. PRODUCTS SHIPPING All products are usually in our warehouses, but can be made specially for the order too.Delivery term of goods is from 2 to 7 days, depending on the availability of transport for the delivery of goods.The production time of models that are made according to the individual order is up to 7 days, regardless of the shipment quantity.If you have individual wishes related to branding, additional product marking or packaging, such procedures will take 7-8 days, taking into account the complexity of the task, the availability of design layouts and the printing terms.

For the prompt products receipt under the contract, you must:

1. Sign the contract.

2. Pay the amount according to the proforma-invoice. In this case, specify in the payment category – “OUR payment condition”, in the payment description – Contract number and date.

3. Please pay carefully:

• It is necessary to indicate always correct the Contract number and date in the payment description, and to use the recommended payment code.

• The amount specified in the proforma-invoice should be received at our current account in the full volume, all commissions charged by banks for transfers must be taken into account and paid by the client.

• Errors of this kind lead to unnecessary costs and delays by banks.

4. Get the goods, clear and start sales.

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