Teploceramic ТСМ 800


ModelТСМ 800
Power800 W
Heating area15 m2
Heating volume40 m3
Size1200x600x17 mm
Temperature90 C
Weight26 kg
Voltage220 V
Current frequency50 Hz
Warranty term5 years
On/off buttonyes
Manufacturer“Teploceramic” LLC
Manufacturer countryUkraine

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Characteristics of infrared ceramic heater Teploceramic TCM 800:

• Heating area – 15 square meters. At the same time, the power consumption is 800 W.

• Infrared heater is economical compared to other types of room heating. The panel heats in spite of the air, the walls in the room, which, unlike the air, keep the heat longer. Therefore, the total monthly electricity consumption will be less.

• The presence of universal fasteners. The device is fixed in two positions: vertically or horizontally.

• There is an on / off button on the device panel.

Why should you buy infrared heaters?

• Fire safety Teploceramic ТСМ 800 operates without the regulator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without overheating, which indicates the impossibility of spontaneous combustion.

• The price of the ceramic heater. “Teploceramic” LLC, which manufactures infrared panels – the Ukrainian manufacturer. The cost of the device is not customs fees + logistics, like imported goods, but materials + work.

• Product quality Teploceramic. Panel heaters  are imported to 25 countries, which confirms its quality.

• Antiallergency of infrared heaters. Hypoallergenic materials are used for the production of Teploceramic heater. During operation, the ceramic panel does not dry the air and does not emit specific odors.

• Safety of installation. On the mounts there are holes in the form of zigzags, due to this fact the risk of device falling is zero.

Necessary elements for mounting are included (heater, brackets, dowels, available installation scheme).The installation of infrared electric heater Teploceramic 800 does not require documentation.

To save space, two TC 370 or TCM 400 heaters are also used – the total power of which is equal to the power of the TCM 800 model.


Equipment: Heaters ТСМ 800

The set of infrared heater: • Packaging • Heater • Power cord with plug • On / Off button • Universal metal fasteners • Dowel M8 with screws • Installation scheme • Operating Instruction (passport-guarantee). The packaging of the panel is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard and reinforced with foam plastic. This guarantees to the buyer the receipt of the goods without damage. The panel can be fixed horizontally and vertically. The peculiarity of the model is zigzag fixation holes the “”child lock””, which prevent heater from falling. It is possible to buy additional legs for the heater.


Manuales: Heaters ТСМ 800

Read the instruction(in the set) before installation. You can mount the heater: on the wall or on the legs (can be sold separately). Short installation guide for installation the panel to the wall: 1. The mounting scheme is attached to the wall. 2. The marks are made and the brackets are mounted. 3. The panel is fixed. Installation of the ceramic heater Teploceramic on the legs with wheels: 1. There are special fasteners on the back side of the panel. 2. The legs are mounted on the fasteners. It`s necessary for the connection of the remote temperature regulator: 1. Disconnect the box and the power cord from the heater`s contact group. 2. Connect the power cable to the panel. 3.Connect the cable to the regulator. 4. Connect the regulator to the electric network. How to connect the regulator to the electric network see the instrucktion. More information about thermostats see in the section “Catalog —> Thermoregulators”.


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