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“Teploceramic” LLC is  ukrainian production company.

The mission is to help people to find the stable warmth and comfortable microclimate.

The goal is to produce environmentally friendly, safe and economiс  heaters.

Teploceramic heaters

Company- manufacturer of infrared heaters:

• Teploceramic – infrared panels based on ceramic granite, can be equipped with built-in digital programmers

• SunWay – metal and glass infrared heaters, can be equipped with built-in digital programmers.

Stylish design due to the marble colors and smooth glossy products surface.

Filled heating element without air access, with insulation, that allows to reach unlimited lifetime and to withstand the temperature 5 times higher than the working temperature.

High-strength metal with the thickness of 1 mm.

Double coating with powder paint, which provides resistance to scratches and bumps.

Double protection against electric current and voltage fluctations.

Increased fireproof characteristics.

Price policy, which allows clients to earn profits equal to 300-400% of the purchase price and up to 500-700% ,working under OEM terms.

Ergonomic packaging of panels with multi-layered protection for safe transportation.

Development and achievements of  “Teploceramic”


The company’s activity on development of ceramic heaters started in 2006.

For 10 years of productive work, we have created our production base, manufactured and passed to our customers more than a million of infrared heaters.”

The results of ten years work:

• recognition in the countries of the European Union and  export of infrared heaters;

• confirmation of product quality by Ukrainian and European certificates;

• residents of 25 countries in the world trust us;

• product line consists of:

-infrared ceramic heaters with 10 models and 21 color solutions

– infrared metal heaters with 6 models and 1 color solution (+ the ability to order RAL colors if  conditions are met)

-infrared heaters with glass with 10 models and 4 color solutions (+ the ability to order RAL colors if  conditions are met)

– infrared convectors with 6 models and 1 color solution (+ the ability to order RAL colors if  conditions are met).

• production areas occupy more than 5000 sq.m.

Ukrainian market

Heaters Teploceramic and SunWay are placed in all retail chains and online stores of the country. Including international networks: Auchan, METRO, Leroy Merlin, Praktiker.

European integration

In 2015, Teploceramik LLC entered the European market. By 2018, the number of partner countries has grown to 25 with about 50 dealers. Certified products are available in  United Kingdom, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Poland, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia and other European countries.

We are represented in European networks: Praktiker, Hagebau, OTTO, etc.

The company is working on continuous improvement of service quality:

• conducts monthly promotions for buyers and sales personnel;

• expands the range and develops new models;

• conducts consultations and organizes training for partner employees,

• makes heating calculations for complex objects or objects requiring an individual approach.

Highly qualified staff will help you to take the best decision if you are working on complex projects in the field of heating.

We are happy to advise you on any issue and provide expert support!

“Teploceramic” produces products, based on simple and understandable life criteria: safety, environmental friendliness, economy and comfort.

We are glad to make your life warmer!