• Heating of country house. Use the regulator to program the minimum air temperature when you are not in and turn on Teploceramic for full heating in few hours before your arrival. The result is warm and comfortable in the house, and total working hours and energy costs are minimal.

• Flats heating. 15-mm square and rectangular electric heaters Teploceramic are installed in small apartments in order to save space. For large rooms, ceramic heaters with more power are bought. For the bathroom Teploceramic panels are indispensable – they save space and resistent against the straight water jets.

• Complex solutions for multi-storey houses. Developers refuse from bulky and expensive boilers and uneconomical convectors. They use ceramic panels Teploceramic as the ready solution for the house heating. The equipment cost at home is limited to the purchase of the panels themselves, connecting wires and regulators. And the installation of heating itself takes place in two or three steps: the wiring for ceramic panels is made, heaters are installed, each room is connected to its regulator. Regulator – controls the temperature of the microclimate and saves electricity for tenants.

• Heating of working premises. For offices, restaurants, salons, where electricity and heating tariffs are much higher than for residential complexes, it is actual to use economical heaters Teploceramic. It is convenient to program the turning on of heating for the couple of hours before the arrival of personnel to work and turn it off after the end of the working day. An important role plays the appearance of electric heaters. The panels, thanks to their marble colors and thickness, fit into the interiors, where it is important to sustain one style in design.

• Heating of social facilities: kindergartens, schools, hospitals. For such institutions, parallel with energy economy, plays the big role as well safety and environmental friendliness of heating. Teploceramic TC, TCM are made of natural materials. The front side -ceramic granite – is the pressed granite chippings from the mixture of clay, sand and other impurities. The closed heating element without air access to the heater. It provides the comfortable heat, without dry air and unpleasant odors. All heaters Teploceramic are long-wave – safe for health, do not cause heating of human organs and tissues. Ceramic electrical panels TCM have protection from children. It is possible to control the degree of the surface heating in Teploceramic, having set additionally the temperature regulator.

• Heating of non-standard premises. Ceramic infrared heating panels Teploceramic are ordered for heating of churches and cathedrals – where there are high ceilings. As only infrared heaters can provide heat in such rooms for people. For such objects, with high ceilings, the main thing is to calculate correctly the required number of heating appliances, based on their cubic capacity.


1. The heating element is the nichrome thread in double insulation. As a rule, it is used in blast furnaces, the operating temperatures of which are thousands times higher than in the heater. Due to this fact the service life of panel is from 30 years. Double insulation of the heating element completely eliminates the risks connected with voltage surges, overheating and short circuits

2. The front side is porcelain tile. It is pressed granite crumb with impurities of sand, clay and other components. This material was chosen for the front side, because it is durable and longeval, not subject to destruction under the influence of moisture and high temperature indices. For impact resistance, the ceramic tile is covered with a layer of glaze, 1.5 mm thick, which makes its surface glossy

3-4. Internal filling – sandwich from several layers of materials (heat-resistant, insulating, heat-resistant layers). Due to this, the temperature of the back side in the infrared heater is around 50 ℃, and the front side is 85 ℃.

5. The special four-component eco-friendly solution, that connects all the elements of the heater. When it solidifies, the panel turns into a monolith. Thanks to the connection solution, the heating element is securely fixed and does not come in contact with air, which reduces the possibility of its damage to zero.

6. The case is made of metal. The thickness of the metal is 1 mm – ensures the strength and durability of the heater. Painting of the body is – Italian powder paint. Double coloration inside and outside with further baking in the special oven. Such case is not afraid of moisture and dampness.

7. Infrared wave..The length is 8.33 micrometer. Safe and comfortable for people. An analogue of the wave that radiates “Russian stove” or the fireplace made of stone. Intensively and deeply warms the walls of the room. Due to this, heat is stored for a long time. It has the beneficial effect for human health, increasing immunity and speeding up the process of cell regeneration.


For the purity of the comparative calculation, the same initial data was used:

Type of heating – basic.
The temperature of the air on the street -winter period minus 5 degrees (middle t).The air temperature in the room – plus 21-23 degrees.House characteristics: brick house 100m2, walls – one and a half bricks, ceiling height – 2.5 m., windows with double glazed windows.

Heating with Teploceramic.
It takes 50 W of electricity to heat 1m2 of space using panels – the norm for heating the room with little heat losses. We calculate the consumption: 50 W / m2 x house area x 8 working hours per day (heaters work like this with the initial data) x 30 days = electricity consumption. It remains to multiply by the tariff.

Heating the house with gas.
For heating with gas, we used the statistics of 5 houses with an area of 100 m2 and average monthly gas volumes of 400 m3 (for 7 heating months from October to the end of April).400 m3 of gas x per tariff = costs for heating the room with gas.


The main difference between Teploceramic and convection heating is the different principles of operation.

Preliminary data for comparison:
Type of heating – basic.
Building characteristics: insulated walls, ceiling height – up to 3 m, windows – double glazing..

Heaters Teploceramic.Infrared panels heat the walls and surrounding objects. Electricity consumed by the panel is fully spent on heating the room and people, by “supplying” with the heat the surfaces. After warming up, the heater is switched on rarely only to maintain the temperature, the walls keep the heat.

Convection heating. Convectors heat the air. Warm air masses go up, cold ones – go down, the temperature at the ceiling is higher than at the level of the person. In the end: it`s cold for you, and hot air is accumulated under the ceiling. Air, thanks to its properties, quickly cools and the convector needs to be switched on frequently to keep the heat in the room. In addition, warm air through the ventilation system comes out – you heat the street, and not your home.It means that 25% more electricity is wasted, which is spent in vain.

If you choose for warming and heating the infrared ceramic heater Teploceramic you get:

  • Quality heater at affordable price.
  • Infrared heater, as an element of design.
  • Health-improving effect of “stone therapy”
  • The air in the room is saturated with oxygen and without foreign odor
  • Quick installation.
  • No need for permits.

Heating element of the closed type. Double insulation of the heater ensures the safety of the device without the risk of overheating and short circuit. The protection level of the shell (IP 54) allows the use of  heater in rooms with high humidity.
All models TCM have fastenings with special safety locks. It is not possible to remove the heater from the bracket by pulling it to yourself.
The panel is resistent against voltage drops. All products have II protection class – the heating element is protected by the double layer of insulation. It completely eliminates the penetration of current “on the body.” You can safely leave the panel turned on, leaving the room for a long time.
The panel works silent.
All devices are equipped with a three-wire cord. The plug connection also has the grounding contact. Therefore, any damage of the internal insulation eliminates the occurrence of voltage on the metal housing of the heater.
The temperature of the rear wall of the panel is 50 C – 60 C. This means that the wall, where the heater hangs, is hardly heated. The electrical panel can be installed in wooden houses without the risk of drying the wood. The temperature of the front side of the device is within 80 С – 85 С. Touching the panel excludes the possibility of getting burns – the heat of the warmed stone.


Radiated by the panel infrared waves, 8.33 mcm long – are safe for humans. Comfortable heat is similar to the heat of the warmed stone.
Only environmentally friendly and safe components of high quality are used during production of the heater.

Ceramic granite – has the low background radiation.

Nichrome – in double isolation.

Italian powder paints.

Electricity is the single most pure source of energy that excludes harm to the environment.
The monolithic construction of ceramic panel prevents air access  to the heating element. The result is that oxygen is not burned, there is no need for constant airing of the room.
The temperature of the heater is within 80 C – 85 C. This ensures the preservation of the comfortable  humidity level in the room. The air is not overdried, and accordingly –  mucous membranes do not dry up, there is no dry skin effect on the hands and face.
Unlike the convector, the infrared heater does not raise the dust. The air in the heated room always remains clean and fresh.