Teploceramic ТСМ-RA 750


Power750 W
Heating area15 m2
Heating volume38 m3
Size900x600x16 mm
Temperature90 C
Weight23 kg
Voltage220 V
Current frequency50 Hz
Warranty term5 years
On/off buttonno
Manufacturer“Teploceramic” LLC
Manufacturer countryUkraine

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Economic ceramic heater TCM RA 750 – is the combination of exquisite design and the wide range of colors with temperature control functions. Teploceramic heater ТСМ PA 750 is the same TCM 600 panel only with the higher power – 750 W and built-in regulator.

Built-in thermostat allows you to control the temperature:

• Room temperature. The external sensor fixes the current temperature, compares it with the one you set on the controller, and if they match – turns off the panel, if not – the panel continues to warm up the room to the set mark on the regulator. The air temperature can be set from 5 to 35 degrees.

• Panel surface temperature. The internal sensor fixes the current heating temperature of the  heater`s front side, compares it with that set on the regulator, and if they coincide – turns off the panel, if not – the electric heater continues to warm up. It is possible to set the temperature of the infrared panel from 40 to 95 degrees.

Together with the built-in regulator on the infrared heater Teploceramic, there is no need now to purchase  separately the external thermostat terneo(more suitable for complex solutions where more than 2 heating panels are installed in one room).

Advantages of ceramic electric panel Teploceramic TCM-RA 750:

• Alternative heating for rooms. Replaces central heating. Installation and the cost of equipment is cheaper than gas or air heating.

• Eco-friendly heating. During the warming up of  Teploceramic heater  there are no smells. Panel works silent. The usage in the production of natural components, allows you to install thermal panels in children’s rooms and children’s institutions without fear for the health of the younger generation.

• Safe heating. All wall-mounted electric heaters have the high degree of fire safety and resistant against voltage drops.

• Design of infrared panel heaters. Thin and stylish wall panels surpass in design cumbersome radiators and convectors, and the variety of marble colors allows you to choose what needs your interior.

• Quality economic electro-heating in Ukraine. You can buy the wall heater in Ukraine and abroad, which proves the high quality of the product Teploceramic, which has already been appreciated by customers all over the world.

Heater Teploceramic with the built-in regulator at the price of 2599 UAH is not inferior with the number of sales to the similar panel – TCM 600. The temperature control function from Teploceramic has already received positive feedbacks.


Equipment: Heaters ТСМ-RA-750

The set of infrared heater Teploceramic: • Packing • Heater • Power cord with plug • Built-in regulator • Universal metal fasteners • M8 dowel with screws • Installation scheme • Operating instructions (passport-guarantee). The packaging of the panel is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard and reinforced with foam plastic. It guarantees to the buyer the receipt of the goods without damage. The peculiarity of TCM-RA model is the integrated regulator, which makes it possible to control both the panel`s surface temperature and the air temperature in the room. It is possible to buy additional legs for the heater.


Manuales: Heaters ТСМ-RA-750

The thermostat on the heater has 2 heat management functions: • Heating control of the thermo panel surface. Allows you to limit the heating degree from 40 to 95 degrees. This function was developed at the request of the foreign client, whose legislation obliges (irrespective of the heater safety) to install in the children’s institutions only heaters with the ability to control the heating of the front side. • Control of the air warming in the room. Allows you to set the desired room temperature and automatically turns off the ceramic panel during reaching the specified degrees (from 5 C to 35 C) by the user. This function – not only contributes to maintaining the constant comfortable temperature, but also to saving electricity. The ability to set the minimum air temperature in the empty room, shortens the heater’s operating time and, accordingly, reduces the power consumption of the infrared panel Teploceramic.


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