Teploceramic TCM 400


ModelTCM 400
Power400 W
Heating area8 m2
Heating volume20 m3
Size600x600x14 mm
Temperature90 C
Weight13 kg
Voltage220 V
Current frequency50 Hz
Warranty term5 years
On/off buttonyes
ManufacturerLLC Teploceramic
Manufacturer countryUkraine

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Ceramic long-wave panel TCM 400 is the classic representative of the TCM line with an integrated switch. It is not necessary to “pull” the plug from the network when the room is heated to the desired temperature. The economical model of the heater has small power of 400 W and heats the room up to 8 m2. The price of the manufacturer for Teploceramic TCM 400 is available for Ukrainian buyers.

The color scheme of TCM 400 includes 3 universal colors:

• white,

• beige,

• black.

Advantages of infrared heater:

• One of the device advantages is its compactness. This is an excellent option instead of cumbersome heaters.

• Easy installation. The electric battery TCM 400 is equipped with mounting scheme, brackets and dowels. The scheme is applied to the wall and marks are made. According to the marked places the brackets are mounted. The heater is fixed on the mounts due to its own weight.

• Durability. The construction Teploceramic TCM 400 is monolithic – the heating element does not come in contact with air, which increases its service life.

• High degree of fire safety. The heater does not need fuses and power regulators – it works at the constant temperature and does not overheat. Teploceramic has the 1st class of electrical protection and the degree of protection against penetration of dust and water – 54 (IP 54 – electrical equipment ist dustproof, and resistent against steam and splashes).

• Environmental safety. ТСМ 400 is installed in children’s rooms. The heater does not dry the air and does not emit unpleasant odors. The device works absolutely silent.For heating the rooms with the larger area, we recommend to use the infrared heater TCM 450.


Equipment: Heaters TCM 400

Set: Heaters TCM 400 The set of infrared heater: • Packaging • Heater • Power cord with plug • On / Off button • Universal metal fasteners • Dowel M8 with screws • Installation scheme • Operating Instruction (passport-guarantee). The packaging of the panel is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard and reinforced with foam plastic. This guarantees to the buyer the receipt of the goods without damage. The peculiarity of the model ТСМ 400 is the “”child lock””. These are fixation holes on the brackets, which firmly hold the heater and prevent it from falling. It is possible to buy additional legs for the heater.


Manuales: Heaters TCM 400

Instruction: Heaters TCM 400 Read the instructions before installation the Teploceramic ceramic panel. You can mount the heater: on the wall or on the legs (sold separately). How to mount an economical heater on the wall: 1. The mounting scheme (included in the kit) is attached to the wall. 2. The marks are made. 3. Brackets (they are included) are mounted according it. 4. The heater is attached to the brackets. Installation of the thermopanel Teploceramic on the legs with wheels: 1. There are special fasteners on the back side of the panel. 2. The legs are mounted on the fasteners. The electric panel operates at constant power and isn`t overheated without the thermostat. To maintain the comfortable temperature and to save electricity, we advise you to install an outdoor thermostat. How to connect the heater to the air temperature regulator: 1. Disconnect the box and the power cord from the contact group. 2. Connect the power cable (0.75 section) to the panel and to the regulator. 3. If several heaters are connected to the system, the parallel connection is used. The installation scheme A of of the controller connection is indicated in the instruction manual. More information about thermostats – in the section “Catalog —> Thermoregulators”.


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